Jessica Roberts 

My name is Jessica Lyn Roberts and I am based in Dallas, Tx for the last 16 years but was originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  I have been working with leather creating bags for others for over ten years and don't see myself stopping any time soon.  My mission is to help bring others happiness through the joy of carrying a unique handmade bag that fits their particular style thus making it a useful art. My passion of carrying a well made bag was spurred on in my earlier days as I was frequently on the go.  As time passed, my love of a good leather bag had not passed and I took the leap into the unknown world of bag design. Since then, I have expanded my art to include many other facets of design and clothing and jewelry. I just can't seem to stop and  I truly enjoy watching the piece emerge and come together and enjoy learning new techniques and ways to work with the different leathers, stones, and mediums.  Sometimes I get to work with different wild animal hides and am always amazed at the beautiful creations they make.  We are just getting started here so check back often to see what I've added or have been working on..  Thank you so much for your time spent here, I hope you enjoy!


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