Self Study and Maintenance

Gently guided journeys into your astral body otherwise known as your emotional constitution.  I offer basic interpretive courses that will benefit all levels of practice. Utilizing Astrology, Tarot, and the Yogic arts to help you dive a little deeper into how and why you are you.  This offers a healthy and wholistic approach to living life with balance, health, and wisdom while working towards freedom and how that applies to your life.

Learn how to understand the basic concept of the 7 chakra system and how it works into your lifestyle as a tool for basic well being. What are the Chakras?  Are they even real?  This takes us a little deeper into the esoteric side of Yoga in a safe space and how to apply it to your daily life.

Welcome to an introductory lesson of learning about your Planetary make up and how it affects your life.  Here we start to understand the different energies or karmas at work in our life and looking at the basic make up of our astrological charts.  Siderreal Zodiac.