• Jesse Roberts

Nature and Nurture

As a mother and a creator, a curiosity arose as life wore on, what was all the fuss about Nature vs. Nurture? What does this mean to us and how does this affect humanity as a whole and in the terms of progress? In this day and age that puts so much emphasis on what is real and fake, what is right and wrong, and how the hell are we going to get out of quarantine lock down? The answer is simple yet the work is not but there can be a quick fix to this but, then again, the scales of balance must stay balanced in order to peacefully accomplish what needs accomplished. If one side gets too far out of balance, the scales tip thus upsetting the equilibrium of the whole leading to certain demise or toppling effect but, before I get ahead of myself. The definition of Nature , per wikipedia, is the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. Nurture's definition, per wikipedia, is care for and encourage the growth or development of something or someone.

Now, maybe I am the only one here, but I was shocked to find out Humans are not considered a part of Nature, they aren't even really mentioned in nurture and it is an action, not a noun. Call me naive but for someone like me, whom feels so very connected to Nature, yet is not considered a part of Nature, that truly upset me. I feel we are and I believe I am. What happens in this world, affects us all, or so I believe. I also believe Mother Nature will love and take care of Humans if we respect her or nurture her properly. Otherwise, you have a war going on that is not winnable for us humans and we destroy our home planet.

In my opinion, Nature is the most beautifully wicked creation ever. As an artist and a yogi and a practicing astrologer, I find it fascinating how all things work together to create the whole. There are many different stories still at play and the world is a delicate scale. This is where we see the astrological sign of Libra , the scales, show up. Libran energy is like a merchant in the market selling his wares. The masculine nature of Venus is vivacious and outgoing and really can get the crowd going but if he gets too out of control.... watch out! The scales will topple. Also, it can feel more subtle like a simple energy exchange and if the proper exchange is not met, you may feel out of sorts until the energy is re-established which leads us into Scorpio but we are not going there in this post. Nature is driven by that unseen force for survival and to dominate or be dominated to serve a function of a whole. You see it in the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. One animal will attack the other or even kills the other to show who's boss, or a plant will crowd out other plants and strangle their roots to death. That is Nature. Nurture is something that is usually a built in feature to Mother's of babies, those who want to love and protect their children and see them grow into good, productive members of society, not just props in their stories or smiles in photos, or a by product of a one night stand, or looked at as if they are a job. Children are alive and very observant yet their minds are not fully developed and they are our future. To hurt a child is the greatest crime against Nature in my opinion.

Anyway, moving on.

Nurture can also have a dark side too if not properly administered and many people do not even know this! As children, we are taught to be nice even if we didn't like someone or be the bigger person and set an example because 'you know better'. Well, if your emotions or feelings are not properly dealt with or ignored, they can manifest in areas of your life and body and while nurturing someone and thinking you are 'doing the right thing' , you can actually be poisoning them with subtle undercurrents and not even know it. I liken this to nuclear energy of sorts and I simply call it 'toxic kindness'. I told my son that if someone is mean to him, stay away or if someone touches him inappropriately or makes him feel uncomfortable, be it teacher, adult, or peer, he has a right to defend himself properly and to let me know right away.

You see, in communities, or relationships.. romantic or business, even in our bodies, if things don't work together as they should, then dis ease and dis harmony occur thus upsetting the whole. But these darker traits of physical matter and energies of the planets will always tune in to let us know where we are going wrong in society or with ourselves if we can be intelligent enough to listen.

Nature and Nurture, two traits that are as much of us as we are of them. The masculine and the feminine or the feminine and the masculine, are major key players in the cosmic balance of life. We all embody them and ought to take time to understand them and their roles a bit more thus helping rebalance the scales of our minds and that of society. There is a balance to everything and everything has a center of gravity. I suggest finding yours. Yoga and Astrology work for me but you may find your answers elsewhere. So, you may ask yourself, what is the answer to all this? Do the right thing. Simple yes? Easy, not for every one.


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