• Jesse Roberts

Western Aquarius Mind vs. Eastern Aquarius Mind

In the Age of Aquarius and these fast changing, strange times we are living in during quarantine and solitude and a slow down in society, we really get to take a moment to pause and re-evaluate what typical structures work for us and what doesn't and where we can shine our own personal perspective to help possibly remedy a situation. During my studies into Vedic Astrology or an eastern philosophical approach to astrology, rules the mind, thoughts and emotions of our human nature is just as powerful as the physical aspect of our existence. I have found that western astrology, which is mainly focused on the Sun or our masculine perspective, gives a lot of power but maybe not as much deep understanding as it should of the extremely emotional nature of the spiritual work of Aquarius and it's role in society. It can be more focused on action rather than direction. The Eastern Astrology of the Aquarian nature, which is seen as the Ascendent or what the spirit is in charge of this lifetime to manifest on this earthly plane, can sometimes be more strict in their approach to try to harness Saturn's energy through their thoughts instead of action through projected sources. The role of the Aquarian mind is to help humanity through proper wisdom and sight to find more efficient and effective ways to help society. When studying both Eastern and Western Astrology to notice how they interact and work together, it is quite fascinating. We get to see the body and physical manifestations at work while the Aquarian mind works to direct it all into action and proper placement. All this work is ruled by the masculine nature of Saturn whom is the planet of karma or in the Vedic tradition referred to as Lord Shani. The planet of peace. If you understand a little about astrology , then you may already know that Saturn is the planet of our earthly existence. It teaches through difficult lessons and is known as our governing center to our energy body. Anxiety, fear, depression...these are all indicators that Saturn is at work and asks us to dig a little deeper or sometimes a lot deeper into ourselves to find out what we must do to remedy this situation to bring us back up to a place of peace and harmony within. The answers are not always easy and the work can be rather difficult and take a long time to accomplish but the peace of mind is worth it. The Age of Aquarius is urging us to work together in a more human and harmonious way in order to bring about visions of a better tomorrow and a brighter today for all. Western minded Aquarians must be mindful that their actions are true to their core beliefs otherwise they will go no where fast and do a lot of work that in the end, will not become real or will not take root to grow. In the Eastern Minded Aquarian , if the thinking which is not in line with harmony for all, then disharmony and dischord will occur causing anxiety and disease.

This is rather interesting to me to see both sides at work and understand how important that body and mind are properly centered and tuned into Nature in order to have a more harmonious world for us to live in. If we would all take just a little bit of time to get to know and understand these beautiful bodies we were gifted this lifetime, just think how much more fulfilling life would be for all. If you do not know what your sign is or where Aquarius works in your chart, you can just look it up online or if you wish to have a full birth chart reading by me, please contact me directly.


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